Design and Décor Services

“If you're not making someone else's life better, then you're wasting your time. Your life will become better by making other lives better.”

                                                            ― Will Smith


Let us manage the whole project for you so you can spend time with your family!  This is our signature luxury package and is perfect if you have little time on your hands, you don't feel you are creative enough to pull off an entire room design that is professionally done, or you want someone to handle all the little details and headaches that goes with project management.

Beyond designing and decorating a beautiful room with furniture, paint, textiles, flooring, window coverings, art work and accessories, we also select products that fit into a holistic and healthy home philosophy, help with baby/toddler proofing, make sure the space is developmentally appropriate, functions well, is optimized for organization.  (We suggest a minimum budget for a luxury room to start at $15,000, but price will vary with the size and scope of your project).

Using our System for Success we will:
           ~Create a personalized design for your space that brings you the joyful feel and function you desire.
           ~Select the furnishings, fixtures, fabrics, flooring, colors, artwork and accessories and more.
           ~Take care of the procurement, tracking, and receiving of the items for your space.
           ~Work with contractors, trades, architects and builders to make  sure the integrity of the design is upheld.
           ~Install all your items and style your space for an amazing reveal day you will never forget!  

Price: Custom pricing for your project. Contact us to learn more about this luxury service!


Ever wish you had a personal designer just for the day?   Or someone who can come in and make sense out of the chaos and give you a concrete vision and action plan to create a magical space for your child? Our Designer for a Day service will be a great fit! By the end of the day together, the goal is to have everything planned, items selected and ordered for your child's dream space.     

In our Designer for a Day you will receive:
~An in-depth pre-visit discovery call to identify how you want your room to look, feel and function and your budget.
~Time spent together actually working on your space to come up with the best options for colors, art, accessories, furniture and storage/organization solutions.
~Follow-up emails to answer questions you may have once you are ready to put it all together!

~This can also become a virtual design service if you do not live in the area and want to work with us.  The price for virtual design varies depending on the scale and scope of what you need.  We can give you a quote once we know more about your project, so contact us for a free discovery call.

Price: Starting at $295 for up to 5 hours 

A-La-Carte Package

Do you just want to go over your choices for your nursery, playroom or child's bedroom so that later you don't feel you regret them and find you have wasted your time and money?  Or, are you stuck in your decisions about how to integrate all your decisions to create a beautiful and functional whole?  Our Q&A Package service is the fast and easy way to get expert advice and feel confident in the direction you are going in your design and organizing choices.  We can look at your furniture, color palate, textiles, organizing systems, accessories- you name it!   You can use all of your time at once, or spread it out over the course of your project and call us when you need us the most!

Price: $120 for 2 hours and  $250 for 4 hours